QD Applications

Quantum Dots have a myriad of potential applications; too numerous to mention them all. That makes quantum dots a true enabling technology for all fields of science. It is hard to imagine a current product that would not be made better by quantum dots by better features, more accuracy, energy savings, less weight, higher reliability and lifetime, and/or lower cost.

As a Quantum Dot Manufacturer, our focus is producing the best performing and highest production rate using economies of scale. As such, Quantum Materials is “application agnostic”. By automating and then scaling Quantum Dot production, we keep our focus on making better and better quantum dots. We seek to partner with experienced product manufacturers to design and market new and exciting quantum dot products. Quantum Materials N2C process system can produce a range of composite or hybrid tetrapod quantum dots, with reliable uniformity and assurance of industrial scale quantities necessary in a Joint Development/Joint Venture to create a profitable, fundable business plan. We can also provide our tetrapod quantum dots in joint development at different levels of discovery or by licensing with universities.

The examples of future products in the tabs are perhaps the best known. Some, like solar energy and solid state lighting have the potential to change the world as we know it, by providing low cost energy for production and low cost energy for consumption. We will add more examples as time permits.


QMC is developing highly uniform nanoparticles and nanocrystals in the nanoscale for applications requiring a high degree of accuracy.

Solar Cells

QMC provides quantum dots for its thin-film solar cell. Through unique photonic behavior, the quantum dots enable conversion efficiencies that are simply not possible with conventional silicon solar cells.


Quantum Dots will improve both speed and accuracy of diagnostic assays, improve molecular imaging, and facilitate multiplexing drug delivery platforms.


The mass production of QD LED will revolutionize Solid State Lighting with the brightest yet most efficient and low cost white light systems.


QMC offers a unique solution for display systems, providing both superior light and color performance, while simultaneously reducing manufacturing and operating costs and significantly improving energy efficiency.


Quantum Dot Ultracapacitor and Electron Batteries can increase power performance and rapid charging abilities.

QD Inks

Quantum Dot inks have uses in conductive and security inks, paints, printed electronics – sensors, RFID, nanoantennas, and solar cells, by surface deposition and inkjet roll-to-roll printing mass production.

QD Computing

Someday the electron moving capabilities of quantum dots will be used in a future generation of quantum computers to dramatically increase processing speed and memory storage.