Metal Oxide particles are used in numerous energy storage and catalysis applications. While research in these materials shows constant incremental improvement, their performance does not compare with the level possible from man-made nanocrystals of the same materials. Metal oxide particles often take the form of powder or flake and vary in uniformity of size and quality, Current methods of man-made nanoparticle production are limited and expensive and do not translate to industrial usage requirements of certainty of supply and uniformity of product.


Quantum Materials Corp produces size-optimized metallic oxide particles using a synthesis derived from its quantum dot synthesis. Optimized materials, including elemental metals and metallic-oxides that add value in the nano and micro realm are an extension of QMC's main focus: the design, development, production and supply of semiconductor tetrapod quantum dots that are of very high uniformity and structure with very narrow size distribution. QMC is scaling production by automated process equipment that can be adapted to various Group II-VI metals and elements while maintaining precise specifications at volumes sufficient to meet growing supply demands. Certainty of supply is important to manufacturers in announced decisions to pursue the use of quantum dots and other novel materials in product development activities. QMC has laid groundwork to penetrate the market by proving scalability of innovative chemistry licensed from Rice University in Houston, Texas and by innovating proprietary processes for materials production.

Quantum Materials offers continued research and development support so that the supplied materials can be engineered to satisfy precise consumer requirements meeting or exceeding all intended design goals. QMC believes that industrial-scale delivery of optimized nano-materials is the key to capturing market share for innovative batteries and energy storage, catalytic devices, inks, quantum computing and roll-to-roll printed electronics. These expanding industries are forecast to create thousands of technical and industrial jobs as the right nanomaterials replace existing conventional materials for higher performance applications. Advanced materials are an enabling technology that allow companies to innovate and compete globally. Quantum Materials Corporation is well placed to introduce efficiencies in product design and reliable cost savings in supply of high quality, industrial-scale metals, metallic oxides and quantum dots for these consumer markets.

Tetrapod Quantum Dot Solar Cells

Solterra Renewable Technologies, Inc., the wholly-owned subsidiary of QMC is developing Next-Gen QD Solar Cells printing by roll-to-roll processes.

Unique University - Industry Partnership to Spur Tetrapod Quantum Dot Commercialization

Quantum Materials Corp. and Texas State University signed an Industry -Academic Partnership in 2013. Texas State's Advanced Functional Materials Laboratory, outfitted with state-of-the-art characterization and analysis equipment will assist Quantum Materials' nearby Wet Labs in special projects designed to produce department scientific papers advancing tetrapod quantum dot research.