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Oklahoma-based tech company relocating headquarters to Austin

By Lori Hawkins American-Statesman Staff

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Oklahoma-based Quantum Materials Corp. is relocating to Austin to tap into the area’s emerging nanotech and biotech industries.

The company specializes in semiconductor nanocrystals known as quantum dots, which are which are tiny particles of semiconductor material that give off light when they are “excited” with energy, such as ultraviolet radiation.

Quantum Materials is in negotiations for a site for its headquarters and research and development labs, said Art Lamstein, the company’s director of marketing. He declined to disclose the location.

The company considered proposals from Texas, North Carolina and Florida before choosing Austin, officials said.

“We believe that the Austin area is becoming a new center for nanotech and biotech technologies, and we feel that quantum dots are an enabling technology for many of these companies,” Lamstein said. “We foresee being able to partner with them in creating new applications.”

Quantum Materials was founded in 2008 and became a publicly traded company through a reverse merger with Hague Corp.

The company said it met this month with Gov. Rick Perry’s economic development staff to discuss available programs and incentives.

Several of the Quantum Material’s nine employees will move to Austin, and the company plans to hire an undetermined number of chemists and lab workers here, officials said.

Quantum dots are fluorescent balls of semiconductor material that are between two and six nanometers in diameter. They can be engineered to glow a different color or brightness depending on voltage or neurotransmitter levels.

Quantum Materials currently supplies the technology to business customers and national laboratories, Lamstein said.

The Austin facility will allow the company to mass produce the material for use in electronic displays, sensors and packaging. Other applications include energy production and in life sciences research and development.

“We feel the market is now ready for our technology,” Lamstein said. “Previously if you asked people what a quantum dot was they could not tell you. Now more people are familiar with the term and research has exploded in quantum dot applications and science.”

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013
Oklahoma-based tech company relocating headquarters to Austin
Austin-American Statesman