QD Technology

Uniform, Narrow FWHM Tetrapods

Uniformity is highly valued in displays due to the increased color purity, in sensors for more accuracy and in biotech for easier multiplexing. It is a good measure of the quality of quantum dots and one for which a premium might be charged to a client. One of the primary reasons there are only a few quantum dot commercial products is because it is difficult to produce uniform quantum dots from batch to batch. Without a reliable supply of uniform quantum dots, production cannot be planned, results in the final product could vary when precision is needed, and product data sheets would be inaccurate.

Tetrapod Quantum Dot Solar Cells

Solterra Renewable Technologies, Inc., the wholly-owned subsidiary of QMC is developing Next-Gen QD Solar Cells printing by roll-to-roll processes.

Unique University - Industry Partnership to Spur Tetrapod Quantum Dot Commercialization

Quantum Materials Corp. and Texas State University signed an Industry -Academic Partnership in 2013. Texas State's Advanced Functional Materials Laboratory, outfitted with state-of-the-art characterization and analysis equipment will assist Quantum Materials' nearby Wet Labs in special projects designed to produce department scientific papers advancing tetrapod quantum dot research.